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'Double Your iPhone Battery Life' is the only complete reference guide available anywhere that is guaranteed to transform your knowledge of your iPhone so that you can use it for more yet never run out of battery ever again.

Every setting and function of your iPhone that can cause you to run out of battery is highlighted, explained, and fixed.

This knowledge is delivered in 3 eBook formats so that you can print it, read it on your Kindle and keep it on your iPhone and iPad so that it's to hand for you to access it just when you need it.

Running Out Of Battery is the No.1 Problem of All iPhone Users

  • This guide isn't just about the battery in your iPhone. Of course it explains how your battery functions, but you'll also learn how your iPhone works so that you understand how to get the most out of your phone and the battery.
  • As a bonus, you'll learn a whole lot more about what your iPhone can do that you never realised!
  • 'Double Your iPhone Battery Life' tells you how to fix every drain on your iPhone power reserve so that your battery will last longer before degrading, and last longer after every charge.
  • If you're rushing around at work using your iPhone you'll be able to make your battery last all day no matter how many emails you deal with or calls you need to make.
  • If you're away from home for 18 hours a day and rely on your device you'll stop worrying about running out of battery and gain that peace of mind.
  • Hikers, campers and travellers of all sorts will find how to get days of power for maps and more from a single charge.
  • If you've no idea why you never seem to be able to get through a whole day before your battery gives up and if you can't find the answer, you'll find it in this guide.
  • And if you've suffered from conflicting advice, thought that your battery problem can't be solved, and tried what you've read elsewhere with no luck or not had the time before to just get to the bottom of it, then you'll be covered.
  • Even if your iPhone is old, tired and abused and you know that your battery is past its best you can avoid the expense of replacing the battery or even buying a new phone. Just because you can't buy a new iPhone that doesn't mean you can't get through a day without it driving you nuts!
  • Whatever it is you want and need to do with your iPhone, you'll free up the power to do more of it for longer. More calls, more emails, more photos, videos and selfies, more movies, more YouTube, more web browsing, more maps and sat nav - all without the fear of losing power just at that crucial moment when you'll do anything to get a bit more juice.
  • Plus, in mastering your iPhone battery, along the way, you'll master all the functions of your iPhone in a way that will leave you amazed by how much more you can do.

You Don't Have to Be Sick of Your iPhone Any More - Learn The Answers to ALL These Questions


Why everything you've heard about overcharging your iPhone battery is wrong.


What is the secret to getting a full battery charge but in half the time?


What is a 'battery cycle' and what that means for the health of your iPhone.


What's the one thing you should always do as soon as you've stopped using your iPhone, every time? Almost nobody does this!


How to get as much as 50% more battery power with one single instant setting change.


The secret of iOS updates and why they improve your battery but can also leave you with no power!


The truth about the new 'Low-Power' mode in iOS 9 and why it won't save your battery.

Control Center

How changing the way you use Control Center will free up ALL your resources.


How to stop your iPhone wasting power when you don't even realise it.


Why Bluetooth could be killing your battery and the right way to fix it.


Why 'Push' email isn't the villain that 99% of people say and can actually conserve your battery.


What is the 'Push Apocalypse'? And how to fix it.


The App that leads you to free Wi-Fi and a charging point ANYWHERE in the world!


Which App is the No.1 offender in crushing your iPhone battery and data?


When should you allow your iPhone to update all your Apps - the time and place!


Which Apps can actually help you manage your battery usage better?


How to prevent Apple Music from burning through BOTH your battery and your data plan - this is NO joke!


The reset that can fix your battery woes without returning your iPhone to factory settings and losing all your data!


Does Apple know if your iPhone has a defective battery and what to do if you qualify for their free replacement program.

Apple Watch

Got an Apple Watch? What you need to do to stop that timepiece sucking the life out of your iPhone.


What are the leading battery packs, chargers and cases that will never let you down? We list them.

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Detailed, Comprehensive and Complete - But Fun, Informative and Simple to Implement

OK, so we need to tell you that this isn't some short, flimsy and thrown together report.

This guide is 80 pages of detailed information, so you know that every possible cause of your battery problem is covered. No exceptions.

The advice is completely up to date (including iOS 9) and has been compiled and checked by our editors working with very experienced Apple experts.

This reference manual contains no fluff or irrelevance. It's comprehensive and detailed so that once you've read it you'll understand exactly how your iPhone uses its resources and you'll have the answer to your battery draining issue - no matter what it is!

There isn't a paragraph in the guide that is surplus to your knowledge. If you need to know it, it's in there, if you don't, it isn't.

We've worked hard to make the guide fun and engaging to read and simple to follow. Anyone can understand the guide from start to finish and we guarantee you won't be bored.

We've tested all the advice with all sorts of iPhone users, those who are experienced and with people who have never used an iPhone before, to make sure that all the advice is clear and easy to implement.

Each of the 31 specific main sections (and sub-sections) can also be read and implemented one-by-one. Or you can read the guide as a whole to obtain the best overall picture of how battery use is managed by your iPhone.

This guide covers every element that affects battery performance. It's the only way to be sure that this eBook is the only reference any iPhone user will need. If there's a known cause of battery drain for an iPhone, we cover it in our eBook so that reading it will make days when you run out of battery a thing of the past....forever!

'Double Your iPhone Battery Life' is an instant digital download. It comes as a PDF but in the download you'll also receive the full guide in ePub and .Mobi formats.

You can read it on any computer, and you can print it out. You can also read it on any Kindle, Nook or other e-reader and, perhaps best of all, you can read it in iBooks on your iPhone and iPad so that you have it always on hand to dip into and check just when you need it the most.

Andrew Waring

Any iPhone owner wanting to increase their battery life is going to LOVE this guide

"Before reading this manual, I must admit I'd thought what can it tell me that the various blogs with iPhone power tips couldn’t? The answer was loads!

Throughout the eighty pages was gem after gem of practical tips, backed up by extensive research and facts (no urban myth methods here). There were quite a few eyebrow raising ‘that’s interesting’ moments too.

Despite the level of data contained it really impressed me how well the information was communicated. Each of the tips was fully explained and backed up with images and step by step instructions that anyone could follow.

I think any owner of an iPhone wanting to increase their battery life is going to LOVE this guide."

Andy Waring, Worcestershire, UK

Anyone who has an iPhone should read this guide.

"I've scoured the net and read all articles about trying to solve my battery woes, with little results.

I can honestly say that this is the best information I have come across because it works. It’s an in depth and honest approach and filled with some real nuggets.

Easy to follow as there are instructions, and its simple to apply it.

Anyone who has an iPhone should read this guide.

I highly recommend this eBook for all those suffering the beeps of their battery running low with no power outlets near them."

Lynley Pillay, Cape Town, South Africa

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Ian Paterson, Fyvie, Scotland

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I was getting frustrated with my phone because it was losing charge in the early afternoon. I have only followed the first 10 of your methods in your book and my phone battery now lasts well into the evening. I'm looking forward to taking your other 21 recommendations and can expect my phone battery to last 2 or 3 days.

Thank you so much for saving my sanity."

Chris Collings, Scotland


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